Smoky River Regional Golf Course, opening tournament 2018, scheduled for June

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

The Smoky River Regional Golf Course in McLennan will hold its Opening Tournament on June 23 – 24 weekend.

Men’s night at the Golf Club began on Tuesday May 15 at 7pm and Women’s night begins on Wednesday May 23 also at 7pm. Men’s and Women’s night will take place at the same time every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the season.

There are a variety of memberships available for the season; junior 13 to 17, senior 55-plus, adult couples and family membership, which include 2 adults and 3 kids.

Corporate memberships require a minimum of 5 individuals with a fee for each additional individual.

There are also $5,000 community memberships that allow residents of registered communities to use the Smoky River Regional Golf Course free of charge.

Communities that have purchased community memberships are the MD of Smoky River, Sucker Creek, Whitefish, McLennan and Donnelly.

Residents tend to make good use of the community memberships, which promotes healthy living.

The Smoky River Regional Golf Society operates a fully licensed clubhouse that offers a full kitchen. The kitchen opens from 11 am for the season, which usually runs until mid to late September depending on the weather.

The Smoky River Regional is a 9-hole golf course challenging to the senior golfer while also amenable to the novice and intermediate level player.

The golf course, which also has a driving range, attracts many visitors travelling through the region and is well positioned for the vacationing golfer looking for variety as it is close to the Heart River Golf Club in Nampa, High Prairie and Area Golf Club on Highway 2 and 5 Star Golf Club off Highway 49.

Smoky River Regional Golf Club is accessible on Range Rd 195 just west of the McLennan railway crossing, on Highway 2.

The golf course located on Bousfield Avenue is ideally situated across the road from the Municipal Campground, allowing visitors to setup camp and walk across the street for a round of golf.


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