Smoky River Family and Community Services – In Focus

Jean Moore-Lemoine
Community Development Coordinator

Community Happenings

Summer is almost over! But, fall brings new activities and happenings. Smoky River FCSS will be working with Smoky Lanes Bowling in Girouxville to provide some Special Activities on Tuesday afternoon beginning in October.

Come out and see what we have to keep you active and entertained.

For those of you who enjoy a home cooked meal with good conversation, we will have Conversation Corner once a month in Donnelly at the Club des Pionnieres.

This is a great time to come out and visit, challenge yourself with Brain Quizzers and lots of laughter!

Sometimes we will have music and other times we will have some special guests bringing you the latest in health matters and government programs.

Thanks to the wonderful musicians who volunteer their time, we will be celebrating our twelve year of Ol’ Tyme Family Nite, a night of music and laughter for people of all ages and all walks of life.

In addition, the Smoky River Christmas Voucher Program will once again provide assistance for those less fortunate in our region.

In October we will sponsor the annual FCSS Day and art show, a fund raiser for the Smoky River Transportation Program.

We will also offer other events throughout the coming year.

So please feel free to come out and join us for any of the activities mentioned.

Watch for our calendars or call Smoky River FCSS at (780) 837-2220 or (780) 324-3669 for more information.

Remember that you are never alone….there is always someone out there who needs a smile or a hug.

You could be the one who makes their day.


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