Smoky River Family and Community Support Services – In Focus

Crystal Marschner

Smoky River FCSS 2018 in review

When the staff are asked if they like working with FCSS, all our staff in the office say yes.

Why do we do this job, one reason is because we get to help out many people, but the other reason is because of the people we work with. When you walk into the FCSS office there is more times than not laughing in the office, because we make each other laugh.

We laugh at the silly mistakes we make, like the time that Diane was doing the news letters and we noticed that one of the address labels was addressed to over minutes.

We also talk about the shenanigans that happen on the many trips that we take with the youth and our seniors. I remember taking the seniors and the youth to the High Prairie Powwow. We were loading up the bus after the powwow and the youth were all on the bus, and we were missing three seniors. When all the seniors were on the bus, I told them that they were bad because my youth listened. We all laughed.

Jean remembers the Rosebud trip, where they went to the East Coolie School Museum. This is an interactive museum where you act out a typical school day, as it would have been when it was in operation. Well the group decided to step back into their school experiences.

Diane Servant spent most of the time with her nose pressed to the chalk board for acting out. Things got so bad she sat in the corner with the dunce cap on as her punishment. All were laughing so hard Jean started snorting, which made matters worse.

Hillary, well she just started with us, and she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. She knows how to work hard, and plan some amazing trips for the youth, but we will need to break her in slowly, so we don’t scare her off.

Please feel free to drop by the office and say hi to the staff, stay and have a tea and reminisce, or suggest new and fun trips to take. We can also help with the not so fun times that we all experience. Our shoulders are always ready to support a friend in need.


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