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Roots of Empathy Program Part 3 of 3

The nine themes: MEETING THE BABY- first is a celebration of the baby, which involves an introduction to the program as well as baby.

CRYING – this is to teach the students that babies cry when there is a problem and it is up to us to do the problem solving.

CARING/PLANNING FOR BABY – is used to teach the students the demands and responsibility that comes with having a baby.

EMOTIONS – is critical in the Roots of Empathy program as its focus is on teaching emotional literacy.

SLEEP – we look at the sleep cycles that babies go through and how important sleep is.

SAFETY – we celebrate baby’s milestones but we also look at the safety concerns that come with that.

COMMUNICATING – this teaches the different ways in which babies communicate to us and how we communicate with them.

WHO AM I? – a self reflection for the students on who they are.

GOODBYE AND GOOD WISHES – finally we wrap up the year having a celebration for the baby and all of the milestones it has accomplished throughout the program. The students will also write down wishes they have for the baby and create a special gift for baby.

Please check out the Roots of Empathy website at Making a difference one child at a time.

If you are interested in become a Roots of Empathy family please contact Crystal at (780) 837-2220 or by email at

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