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Hillary Reid
Youth/Family Programmer

Youth trips

With my first youth trip under my belt, I am excited to share our experiences with the community.

Twenty-two youths between the ages of 10 and 12 joined me and Crystal in Grande Prairie on Nov. 23. The bus was full of laughter, music and fun games.

Our first stop was the jump yard where the kids got to get some good exercise and have lots of fun. This trip saw a lot of new faces to the FCSS youth trips, which was amazing.

I loved seeing kids who rarely or never interact become fast friends while trying to do cartwheels and flips.

After an hour of major workout, our kids got to relax in front of the big screen and enjoy a movie and treats.

The days feature was the new Grinch movie. This was such a cute movie that brought back so many great childhood memories of my own. The movie followed the typical grinch storyline with a few new twists and turns that really kept the audience engaged. The kids said after how much they loved it.

Following the movie we enjoyed a nice dinner at Mama Pandas. Some of the kids had never experienced a buffet. Wow did they love it. Many times I heard and you can have as much as you want….really??

And there is dessert?? Wow!! This was a nice way to end our day with full bellies, and lots of laughs. The bus ride back was full of music and chatter.Some kids played little games within smaller groups while others just talked with their new friends.

Save the date, our next youth trip is January 19th. Get in early, cause this will book up fast!!! Tubing here we come!!! Call FCSS at (780) 837-2220! Cost is $30 for the day!


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