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Crystal Marschner,
the new director
Jean Moore-Lemoine
Community Development Coordinator

New director for Smoky River FCSS

This week the Smoky River FCSS office welcomed a new director, Crystal Marschner. Crystal was formerly the Youth and Family Coordinator for Smoky River FCSS, so she is no stranger to the happenings in the office.

Who is Crystal? She is a Mom and a teacher to three young boys, a Mom who encourages her boys to be the best they can, to always believe in themselves. Crystal is a partner who shares her dreams and plans for the future with Chad Tremblay.

She is a community minded person whose goal is to see a vibrant community for those living here. But Crystal is much more than this. She is also an individual who believes in doing the best that can be done. She shares the goals of Smoky River FCSS mandate which is to enhance the lifestyles of all person residing in the Smoky River region. Her caring, empathetic values are very visible when she is working with clients.

Crystal Marschner, the new Director of Smoky River FCSS, looks forward to the challenges of her new role. She encourages everyone to come in and meet her and all the staff at the Smoky River FCSS office.


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