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Crystal Marschner
Family and Youth Program Coordinator

Triple P Teen Seminar Series

There has been a major stigma around parenting courses.

One of them being if I go to a parenting seminar or class that means I am a bad parent.

In my experience, it is just the opposite. The parents that seek help or attend courses to learn how to be better parents are the ones that are involved in the children’s lives.

Currently, I am teaming up with the Smoky River Adult Learning team to present the Triple P Teen Seminar series in McLennan. The dates are November 1st, 8th and 15th from 7-9 p.m. at the Northern Lakes College in McLennan. Each week we will discuss a new topic.

The first week we will talk about Raising Responsible Teenagers. Every parent hopes and dreams for the teens is that they are responsible in their actions.

In this topic we will talk about what is responsible independence, why it is important to link responsibility and independence. We will look at the formulas for success.

The second week we will talk about Raising Competent Teenagers. Triple P states “a major challenge for parents of teenagers is knowing how best to encourage them to make the most of their time at school.”

We will look at how to help your teenager to develop self discipline, how to set goals, to over come problems through problem-solving, establish routines, get involved in their school community, follow rules, and gain a supportive friend base.

The last week we talk about Getting Teenagers Connected. This is helping your teen to get involved in your community. This is done through groups and activities in the local area. Triple P states “every parent needs to develop their own approach to encouraging and supporting their teenager as they explore new relationships and activities.”

We will discuss how to develop this approach, because each teen is different, and we need to work with each teen on an individual basis. We will help you by giving you these tools.

If you have any questions, please contact Crystal at (780) 837-2220 or to register contact Smoky River Adult Learning at (780) 837-3013.


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