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Crystal Marschner
Family and Youth Program Coordinator

Community Kitchen

What is the purpose of a Community Kitchen?

A community kitchen is a group of individuals who meet regularly to cook healthy, nutritious meals. Everyone is expected to participate to the best of their abilities in the preparation and cooking of the menu. Good nutrition plays a key role in each community kitchen. Participants learn four or five new recipes and are introduced to new foods that contribute to a more balanced diet. These community kitchens meals are often taken home and frozen for later, thus furthering healthy eating habits.

Smoky River FCSS is now running the Community Kitchens four times throughout the year. Each Kitchen will be held in one of the four towns in the region trying to make it accessible for everyone to attend. Each kitchen is run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and a lunch is provided for the participants. The dates for rest of this year’s Community Kitchen are May 30, August 29 and November 28.

For May 30, we will be focusing on single clients, the meals sizes will be made for individual portions, verses the regular family sized meals that we make during the regular Community Kitchens. If you want more information please call Crystal at the Smoky River FCSS office at (780) 837-2220.


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