Smoky River Family and Community Support Services – In Focus

Lynn Florence


It is recommended that children take part in physical activities for their emotional, social and physical development. However, for a parent it can be very stressful as a parent trying to pay for these activities. Help is coming to the region in the form of a Kidsport Chapter here in the Smoky River Region.

Kidsport provides financial support to families so their kids can play organized sports. We will fundraise in our community to remove the financial barriers to playing sports, because we believe all kids should have the opportunity to experience the lifelong benefits of sports.

Bringing Kidsport to our community means our kids can play in sports, but it also means that we are in need of people to sit on the committee, which governs how this chapter is to be run. It also means that we need to raise monies to make this chapter a success.

There will be a meeting held on January 24, 2018 in the Falher town Council Chambers from 10-11am. In this meeting, we will be creating the board to govern this initiative, if you cannot be there and want to be a part, please call Crystal at (780) 837-2220.


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