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Jean Moore-Lemoine
Community Development Coordinator

Socialization and Laughter Enhance Health

Socialization is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and Smoky River FCSS tries to provide activities and programs that promote and enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Many of our older citizens live alone and have concerns about many issues – health care, dementia, the electronic age of communications, world affairs, as well as other issues. Smoky River FCSS provides referrals and supportive listening that assists people with these concerns.

Getting out and about is important for everyone. Trips with Smoky River Transportation provide a safe ride and good conversation with peers.

Special Trips provide a chance to see and do things not available at home. “Seniors Bowling” two or three times a month provides exercise and fun for all participants.

But, we need to exercise more than our bodies so the Trivia part of these events will have you laughing while you exercise your brain looking for the answer to one of many trivia questions.

Doctors will tell you that laughter is often the best medicine and laughter is always a part of a good conversation as people try to lighten a serious subject or just enjoy the great company and entertainment.

“Ol’ Tyme Family Nite” is a great way for families to enjoy an evening out. This program provides music and socialization for every age, every ability and every culture.

The event, which takes place the second and last Friday of each month from September through May will celebrate 12 years in January, thanks in large part to the wonderful musicians who volunteer their time and talents so that everyone can have a fun filled evening.

Look for this column weekly to keep informed of program and events happening for all ages. For more information please call the Smoky River FCSS at (780) 837-2220.


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