Smoky River Dance Society holds annual general meeting

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The new season for the Smoky River Dance Society begins on Oct. 10 and planning is under way.

This is one of the topics that was discussed as part of the society’s annual general meeting, which was held at Ecole Routhier in the evening of Sept. 21.

Outgoing President Chantal Roy offered her thoughts about the previous season.

“The season went really well,” she says. “We got quite a few medals. The kids really enjoyed themselves.”

The society received lots of donations during the season, she adds.

Next, Genevieve Nicolet-Thibault read the treasurers report.

Then Roy highlighted the upcoming season, which will include performances at the Villa Beausejour in Falher and the Manoir du Lac in early December, by all the groups.

Brogan Severson is the coach for all groups.

There are tentative plans for the dancers to go to the Westlock Dance Festival during April 7-8, 2018, as well as the Zirka Dance Challenge in Grande Prairie during April 25-29.

The season will end with a dance recital at Georges P. Vanier in Donnelly on May 6.

Also during the meeting, parent representatives were appointed to each dance category.

The meeting ended with appointments to the board of directors:

. Lizanne Boucher
. Pauline Cloutier
. Janie Picard
. Melissa Portelance
. Jenny Veraart
. Jeannine Labrecque
– Genevieve Nicolet-Thibault
. Dana Tokarz

The executive members – president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer – had not been appointed at press time.

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