Spring into action and get involved with the Smoky River Community Garden

Tom Henihan
Express Staff


Smoky River Community Garden planning meeting will take place at the Town of Falher Council Chambers on Tuesday May 15 at 7pm.

The Smoky River Community Garden is a single piece of land tended collectively by those who wish to get involved.

The planning meeting is to receive input on such things as what vegetables to grow and to decide on the level of commitment needed from everyone to make the community garden a success.

“The purpose of the meeting is to get people together, young and old to assist in planning, planting and maintaining the garden throughout the summer,” says FCSS Family and Youth Program Coordinator, Crystal Marschner who is organizing the community garden.

Of course, the more people involved the less time required from each individual participant and with everyone pitching in there is not a lot of work demanded of any one person.

“If ten people participate the time required is cut down considerably,” says Marschner. “If all ten people put in 2 hours a week, which is 20 man hours of work, that means the garden doesn’t get over run with weeds.”

People are asked to put what time they can into the community garden and if during the day is good for some people and evenings for others then people can work according to their own schedules.

Those who take part will help plant, weed and water when necessary. When time comes to harvest, participants get to take what they need while sharing equitably with the others who have contributed.

Last year community garden consisted of tomatoes, corn, potatoes, carrots, peas, beans, sunflowers, zucchini, cucumber, onions. Lettuce, radish, kale and other vegetables can also be grown.

“Essentially the garden is what we make of it,” says Marschner. “The people who participate in the garden will benefit from the program. If there are left over vegetables the idea would be to allow people who need the food bank to take some.”

Once the ground is dry participants will need to get in and till, so if someone wants to donate the use of machines, hand tools etc., the community garden would be grateful.

“We will not turn away anyone who wants to help out,” says Marchner.


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