SPOTLIGHT – Canadian Global Village: A blessing in El Savador

Pictured above are Claude and Bernadette Levesque and their team in El Salvador. Photo credit Calude and Bernadette Levesque.
Pictured above are Claude and Bernadette Levesque and their team in El Salvador. Photo credit Calude and Bernadette Levesque.

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Claude and Bernadette Levesque

What a life-changing and life-enriching experience it was for our Canadian Global Village team to partner with HFH El Salvador in assisting them in reaching their noble goals of providing adequate housing with Ana and Javier and their adult children of Solcoatitan!

In January, 12 of us Canadians travelled to El Salvador as unskilled builder volunteers. While our team gave of our time and resources, we received a hundred folds, through the El Salvadoran’s people gifts of hospitality and friendship. Their gratitude was genuinely given throughout our sojourn with them.

What is HFH and what does it do?
The Model of Intervention carried out by Habitat for Humanity El Salvador proposes adequate housing as a way to break the cycle of poverty. Housing becomes a catalyst that contributes to holistic development, and brings a positive impact in areas such as economy, health, education, social welfare, and others. Over the last twenty years, HFH El Salvador has served over 21,600 families, and directly impacted the lives of over 108,000 El Salvadorans.*

In addition to improving the quality of life of partnering families, HFH El Salvador has helped to boost the national economy. Over their 20-plus years of operation, HFH El Salvador has invested over $90 million back into its country, and generated over 21,000 direct jobs and at least 86,000 indirect jobs.*

HFH El Salvador also advocates for the cause of adequate housing as a human right. For that reason, HFH El Salvador partners with international teams, such as Global Village Canada in sending Canadian volunteer teams to El Salvador. During 2014, in El Salvador alone, there were more than 3,692 people (locals and internationals) who participated in volunteering activities, totaling 34,055 days, which is equivalent to 59,066 hours of volunteering.*

It is with a deep and heartfelt sense of appreciation that every member of the team will remember this body and heart experience, as they share their fondest memories of our new friends and newly created solidarity with the folks of HFH El Salvador, and their partnering families. Blessings to all.

*Statistics taken from the Habitat para la Humanidad El Salvador 2014 Annual Report.

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