Spiritual Wellness Show offers people alternatives

Tom Henihan
Express Staff
The spiritual wellness show was organized by Doris Drouin and Charlotte Kealy owners of “Good to Go” natural health therapy based in Girouxville.

“Good to Go” offers services such as Reiki, Detox, Thai Foot massage/reflexology, pain relief, intuitive healing, spiritual healing and much more.

The idea for the show was to try and get as many local vendors involved who provide healing, wellness and alternative medicine and make up the balance with people from outside the immediate region.

Paricipants from outside the region came from Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Peace River to participate.

“This is the first time we have done this,” says Drouin. “We had talked about it before and then we thought this is the perfect time as we can tie it in with the Trade Show. And while there is a lot to do over there, there is not as much for women. It was like, we’ll just do it, put it out there and see how it goes.”

The spiritual wellness show ran on Friday and Saturday during the Trade Show and offered among other things products for natural healing, a variety of alternative healing techniques and had psychics and mediums available.

Kealy and Drouin said the response was really positive with local people coming in along with people from Gift Lake, High Prairie, Peace River, Manning etc.

“When they come in here they are here for a reason,” says Drouin.
“Whether it’s just to learn about it or just to see, it is because they need to be here. Even some who have been skeptical have come in.”

Much of what was available at the Spiritual Wellness Show is new to many people and Drouin said people had a lot of questions about things they had things in the back of their minds but were not sure where to go to make themselves better and happier.

“We did this because we wanted people to help themselves by finding things to ease the pain and do some healing on so many different levels,” she said.
“It’s been amazing energy, amazing people coming through and visiting the show and we appreciate everyone coming in and that they left with something they needed.”

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