If travelling in southern Alberta please remember no fires or ATV’S allowed

Effective immediately, the use of off-highway vehicles (OHVs) in the forest areas of Southern Alberta will be restricted to reduce the risk of wildfires in the area.
In addition to the fire bans that are already in place, OHVs will also be restricted on public lands in the Forest Protection Area south of the Red Deer River along the mountains and foothills to the northern boundary of Waterton Lakes National Park.
“We are closely monitoring the situation as the fire hazard is reaching extreme levels throughout the forest in Southern Alberta. Any fire that starts could spread out of control in a very short time, that’s why we are taking additional steps to reduce the chance of any human caused fires starting,” says Oneil Carlier, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
The weather in the region has been hot and dry and the fire conditions have reached extreme levels. Extended hot, dry weather is forecast well into next week.
Alberta currently has 689 firefighters, 69 helicopters, 40 pieces of heavy equipment and 18 airtankers available across the province. An additional 200 are deployed in British Columbia. Those resources are available if required.
“Alberta’s Emergency Management Agency stands ready to respond and continues to closely monitor wildfire conditions across the province as well as within BC. As Albertans know all too well, disasters and emergencies can strike at any time. That’s why I encourage all Albertans to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app so they know what’s happening in their area and the actions they need to take to protect themselves and their families,: says Shaye Anderson, Minister of Municipal Affairs
Currently, no fires are permitted during the fire ban, including campfires in campgrounds, until further notice.
Gas or propane stoves/barbecues and portable propane fire pits are allowed during the ban.
All fire permits are suspended and no new permits will be issued in the fire ban areas. The use of fireworks and exploding targets is also prohibited.
Albertans found to be violating the fire ban could be issued a $287 ticket.
Other jurisdictions, including municipalities and provincial parks, may also issue fire restrictions or bans. Please check albertafirebans.ca for detailed information.
For more information on wildfires, download the Alberta Wildfire app.
Up-to-date information on fire restrictions and fire bans is also available by calling 1-866-FYI-FIRE (1-866-394-3473).
To report a wildfire in Alberta’s Forest Protection Area, call 310-FIRE (310-3473). Fire Ban System
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has a five level colour-coded system for putting on fire bans in the Forest Protection Area (FPA) of Alberta. The system increases efficiency in applying fire use restrictions during increasing fire hazard. It also provides more advanced warning about possible impacts on burning and campfires. The intent is to provide a consistent system.
Forest Protection Area Map – May 3, 2017 (1 page, <1 MB)
Alberta Fire Bans
The Alberta Fire Bans website is a single portal to all active fire advisories, fire restrictions and fire bans across the province. Planning to enjoy a campfire? Before you head out, please check the website for the latest fire ban information.
Alberta fire bans, green level 1, no restriction
Fire permits are required during fire season for any type of burning in the FPA, except campfires. Safe campfires are allowed in campgrounds and backcountry or random camping areas.
Alberta fire bans; yellow level 2, fire advisory
The fire hazard rating has increased. Fire permits may be restricted. Safe campfires are allowed in campgrounds and backcountry or random camping areas, but this level is a warning they may be restricted if the situation doesn’t improve.
Alberta fire bans; orange level 3, fire restriction
Safe campfires are allowed in fire rings in campgrounds only. No campfires (or other open fires) or charcoal briquettes are allowed in backcountry or random camping areas. Gas or propane stoves/barbeques and portable propane fire pits are allowed.
Fire permits may be suspended or cancelled and no new fire permits will be issued. If the situation continues to worsen, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry will put on a fire ban.
Alberta fire bans; red level 4, fire ban
No campfires (or other open fires) are allowed in campgrounds or backcountry and random camping areas. This includes charcoal briquettes. Gas or propane stoves/barbeques and portable propane fire pits are allowed. All fire permits are suspended or cancelled and no new fire permits will be issued.
Alberta fire bans; black level 5, forest area closure
The fire danger has reached such extreme levels that portions of the forest are closed and no access is permitted for public safety concerns. Jurisdiction
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry is the wildfire authority (under the Forest and Prairie Protection Act) in the FPA of Alberta. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry manages and responds to all wildfires in this area and is responsible for issuing permits and putting on fire bans.
Even if they are within the FPA, any city, town, village or summer village has the authority to put on their own fire bans as they are outside Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s jurisdiction.
Ministerial Orders
During times of high wildfire hazard, the province may use a ministerial order to issue a fire restriction, fire ban or forest closure within the Forest Protection Area. This is a temporary law put in place to lower the risk of human-caused wildfires when the hazard is high. Check below for a list of past and present orders related to Forestry Division activities.

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