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Georgia Iliou

We are looking for ideas from you, the residents of the Smoky River Region!

How do we get the word out about the many benefits of the Smoky River Transportation Program??? We have tried articles, Facebook, advertisement, the radio and still after 13 years, there are residents that are unaware that we have an affordable alternative to transportation in the form of the Smoky River Community Transportation unique to the Smoky River region.

General operating funds are derived through rider fees as well as the generous contributions from the municipalities of Donnelly, Falher, Girouxville, McLennan as well as the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, and it is the only program of its kind in Alberta.

The administered by Smoky River Family & Community Support Services who in turn schedule, maintain and ensure all drivers, licensing, inspection and insurance requirements are met. The Smoky River Transportation Committee comprised of members from all contributing municipalities and meet about four times a year.

This ridership for this program includes anyone who resides in the region. Scheduled trips to Grande Prairie and Peace River allow residents to attend doctor and specialist appointments while also providing a chance to socialize and visit family.

In addition, special trips are planned throughout the year that provides fun and laughter while giving people a chance to discover some of the wonders of the Peace Country. All the while allowing our residents the benefit of living in the communities, they love!

The program also provides transportation for participants in the Summer Youth Program as well as providing transportation for other youth who participate in FCSS programming.

If you would like to be included on the Youth trip email list, please contact Crystal by emailing her at to have quick up to date access to what is happening for the youth.

If you would like to be included in our email mail out of our Adult/Senior/fun of all ages trips please email our Senior’s/Community Development Coordinator Jean at and this will ensure an up to date listing of what is happening for our senior’s/families and adults in the region. Don’t have email? Do you have access to Facebook? Well then, check us out on our Facebook page at Smoky River FCSS.

However, we do not just stop there; individuals or organizations who reside within region can also rent the community van pending requirements are met and the request is signed off by the Director. All you need to do is contact us in the office for more details to see if your needs can be met by this awesome program.

Think we are done there, we aren’t! If you or if you know of anyone who is receiving funding from Alberta Works or has a relationship with Child and Family Services as well as reside in the Smoky River region well you are in luck, you can discuss options with the Alberta Work and Child and Family Services workers! They know about our program and can make the use of the transportation program easy and very affordable.

We also have the second smaller wheelchair accessible van to provide services in occasions where the larger 20-passenger unit is not required.

Any further questions please call our office at (780) 837-2220 and speak with one of our amazing staff.

If you would like a Transportation three-month schedule mailed or emailed to you or if you would like to put your name on the list to take a trip!

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