Smoky River promotes safety

Marcel Maure,
Regional Fire Chief,
Director of Emergency Management,
Director of Protective Services,
MD of Smoky River.

During Fire Prevention Week, the Smoky River Fire Department will conduct free home visits.

Firefighters walk through your home with you and your family showing and telling you the best practices to have a fire-safe home.

We would also like to remind residents who have alarm systems in their homes, offices or businesses to remember to answer the phone calls to ensure the fire department doesn’t have to respond to false alarms.

Also please ensure that your alarm companies have updated contact information.

Policy states you may be charged for any false alarms after the second alarm. The fire department has responded to more than 135 emergency calls in 2020 to Sept. 17.

They range from medical assists, motor vehicle collisions, structure fires, car fires, CO gas alarms, water rescues and false alarms.

The Smoky River Fire Department has 23 firefighters with three fire halls in Falher, Donnelly and McLennan.

Practices are held every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

We are always on the look out for new members.

If you are interested and want to answer the call please feel free to stop by the Falher fire hall and talk to the fire chief or other members about the opportunities.

For more information, contact Maure on cell phone at [780] 837-0911, fax to [780] 837-2453 or e-mail to

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