Smoky River preparing Farm Family nomination

Chris Clegg
South Peace News

Do you know a deserving farm family in the M.D. of Smoky River which has made a significant contribution to the community?

If you do, you have until the end of May to nominate them.

Farm families who are leaders in the industry, who work together on the farm, show innovation in their operation and who act as role models in the community should be considered.

“Half the criteria should be community involvement,” said Councillor Donald Dumont at council’s May 12 meeting.

So far, the M.D. has a list of at least five families to consider. Council will decide at its June 9 meeting the winner. The MD. must submit its choice by July 16.

The chosen family will be recognized at the Farm Family award celebration in November at Farmfair International in Edmonton, COVID restrictions permitting.

Smoky River Farm Family winners

Year Family

1988 Lucien Cote
1990 Guy Turcotte
1991 Gaston Mencke
1992 Marcel Lussier
1993 Bud Caron
1994 Roland Lapointe
1995 Andre Gauthier
1996 Lucien Houle
1998 Doug Galigan
1999 Denis Cloutier Farms
2000 Louis Sylvain
2001 Ray Cote
2003 Rene Garant
2005 Jacques & Clem Cloutier
2007 Jules Aubin Family
2009 Terry & Melissa Chaibos
2011 Boucher Family Farm
2013 Berube Farms
2015 Boisvert Farm
2017 Grant & DJ Hicks
2019 Fermes Maisonneuve
Note: No winners chosen in 1989 and 1997; selections were made every second year beginning in 2001.

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