Smoky FCSS plots community gardens

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Seed has been planted to create community gardens in Falher, McLennan, Donnelly and Girouxville.

Smoky River Family and Community Support Services has initiated plans to provide space for people to grow vegetables and flowers.

“Community gardens are great places to visit,” FCSS program developer Diane Dolhan says.

“They’re beautiful, peaceful and inspiring.”

Plans are to complete the gardens before May 24.

“We hope to have the gardens built and ready for people to start planting after the May long weekend,” Dolhan says.

FCSS decided to build community gardens to provide space for people to work together to create beautiful and productive spaces, she says.

“Local gardeners say that by getting involved in community gardens, they spend more time outdoors, interact more with neighbours, meet new friends and experience improvements in their mental and physical health,” Dolhan says.

Support to locate gardens at the Falher Library was endorsed by the Town of Falher council at its regular meeting March 15.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mayor Donna Buchinski says.

“Maybe they could get some donations for that, too.”

The garden will be 4 x 16 feet with four plots per garden.

“We are hoping to have two gardens in Falher at the library and one or two gardens in the other communities,” Dolhan says.

A community garden was tried in the past but was poorly supported, she notes.

“We hope with more exposure and advertising and different locations, it will be more successful this year,” Dolhan says.

FCSS is working with Falher UFA on the plans and materials.

“We are still looking for volunteers to help build the gardens or even to pay someone to do it if needed,” Dolhan says.

Pokey Trucking will deliver the soil.

FCSS will have an application process and guidelines and rules once after locations are confirmed.

For more information or to volunteer, phone Dolhan at FCSS at [780] 837-2220.

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