Slave Lake RCMP investigating slight increase in property-related crime

For Immediate Release                                                                                     August 23, 2016


Slave Lake, Alberta – The Slave Lake RCMP Detachment has received a slight uptick in the number of property-related crimes being reported over the last couple of weeks.

While an increase in any sort of crime is alarming in a community, the recent thefts from vehicles, garages and sheds in Slave Lake is a situation which can be mitigated by property owners taking a few steps on their own to reduce the possibility of presenting a would-be thief with an opportunity to commit a crime.

During the summer months there is a tendency to forget little things such as rolling up the windows in a vehicle at the end of drive and locking it when parked for the night.  Removing valuables from a vehicle, or at least not leaving them in plain view on the dashboard or seats, can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of someone removing the items without your knowledge.  Other safety tips include:

–        Remove garage door openers from vehicles when not driving them.  Once inside a vehicle, a would-be thief could use the opener to gain access to the garage, and even the home, thereby increasing the likelihood of property theft or damage.

–        Lock all doors and windows when not at home.  In the hot weather of summer, it is often tempting to leave house windows open to cool and ventilate the home, even when the residents are gone for the day.  An unlocked or open window can be compromised easily, again, granting access to your home and valuables to would-be thieves.

–        Remove the keys from the ignition when parking a vehicle.

–        Ensure garden and tool sheds are locked when not in use.

–        Install motion-sensor lights by the doors of your home and garage or in darkened areas, such as alleys.

By taking a few moments to ensure your home, vehicles and valuables are secure can prevent and deter property-related crime.


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