Skipping right along, students at Ecole Routhier raise $12,027 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta

Mac Olsen
Express Staff
The playground at Ecole Routhier was a busy place on May 26, as the students and their teachers got plenty of exercise.

Following the monthly assembly in the main gym, they went outside for skipping activities.

“It’s fun and a great way to raise money for a worthy cause,” says organizer Marie Gagnon.

Their skipping activities were part of the school’s annual Jump Rope for Heart activity. Jenna Delaney, who works for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Alberta, was there May 11.

She highlighted the importance of exercise and explained the fundraising they would do over the next two weeks.

They were challenged to raise $12,000 and they actually raised $12,027.05.

As a result, several teachers will get their hair dyed red.

The class that raised the highest percentage of funds will get a free swim in June.

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