Six regional municipalities to receive $4.8 million in successful appeal for DRP funding

Tom Henihan
Express Staff

Having successfully appealed the denial of their original applications for funding through the Disaster Recovery Program (DRP), six local communities can now rebuild and recover losses caused by the 2018 spring flooding.

With the support of MLA McCuaig-Boyd through the appeal process, the municipal districts of Fairview, Peace, Smoky River, Spirit River, Birch Hills County and the Village of Rycroft can now avail of more than $4.8 million in disaster relief.

In a news release issued on February 28, McCuaig-Boyd said:

“After seeing the damage that was done by flooding last spring, I knew these communities needed support. I am proud to have been able to help these municipalities through the appeal process so they can access the resources they need to recover. When disaster strikes, Albertans and Alberta’s communities can be confident that we have their backs.”

The Disaster Recovery Program helps communities recover from undue hardship due to an extraordinary disaster. To qualify as extraordinary, the disaster must meet specific criteria concerning rainfall, stream-flow, ice jams, overland floods, wildfires or strong winds.

Having applied to the program last fall, a number of communities did not meet the necessary criteria. However, when reassessed with new information a unique combination of weather events were recognized as contributing to the flooding.

This new information brought the six local municipalities within the necessary criteria for the DRP and all of those communities received notice of their approval and have been assigned a case manager.

Case managers assist municipalities through the application process such as gathering necessary documents and receipts and facilitating payments for eligible damages once the application process is completed.

For residences, tenants and small businesses, case managers and municipalities work with these individuals when completing their applications. These people also have the option of applying online through

Some of the DRP funds are available to offset emergency operations costs incurred when responding to the event.

As municipalities are responsible for repairs to their damaged infrastructure, the provincial government anticipates that municipalities have already be engaged in activities such as obtaining estimates and engineering assessments with each repair project having its own timelines and complexities due to the level and type of damages.


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