Six Ecole Heritage students nearly ready to enter the world, church service & banquet held

The students received their school certificates, attesting to completion of 12 years of study. Also, Celina Bouchard received two bursaries: the Bourse St-Isidore $300, and the Bourse Alfred P. Canuel of $450, for academic achievement of 80 per cent or better.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The school year is nearly over and six of Ecole Heritage’s Grade 12 students will soon make their way into the world to engage in new adventures.

Ecole Heritage held a church service and banquet for the soon-to-be-graduates on June 2. The church service was held at the Ste. Anne Paroisse in the afternoon, with Deacon Reg Bouchard and Father Jean Nkuanga presiding over the celebration.

This included communion for parishioners. Also, graduates brought offerings to the altar, a wagon filled with a sentimental item representing each graduate, and Principal Nicole Walisser brought the certificate of completion of studies and a framed photo of the Class of 2018. Staff Joel Lavoie, Charles Marinier and Chantal Roy and Grade 11 student Nadia Sylvain performed a series of songs during mass.

The church service was followed by a formal banquet and ceremony at the Centre Chevaliers. The ceremony included speeches from CSNO School Board President Sylivanne Maisonneuve and Superintendent Brigitte Kropielnicki, who also presented the CSNO Bursary of $800 to Célina Bouchard; a speech from parent council president Anita Anctil, and the awarding of two l’ACFA bursaries by Sylvette Fillion and Julie Desrosiers to Célina Bouchard (Bourse St-Isidore $300 and Bourse Alfred P. Canuel $450 for high academic standing and contribution to the francophone community).

Principal Nicole Walisser presented students with a certificate attesting to their completion of 12 years of study. Walisser offered her thoughts about what the students will take with them.

“École Héritage is always so very proud of its graduates,” says Walisser.

“They recognized the importance of a francophone education; it is our hope that the language and culture will serve them in their future. The grad class of 2018 is accomplished and learned, respectful and kind, and destined to put their stamp on this world.”

Following the dinner, parents offered tributes to their children, and for some it was an emotional moment. Then, as part of a multimedia presentation on each student, Principal Nicole Walisser and master of ceremonies and high school teacher Jessica Guignard-Mallet offered their thoughts, with some humour and tall tales about all of the students.

The students also watched a video from two of their teachers, Geneviève Bousquet and Jean-Pierre Lavoie, whom are travelling abroad and couldn’t attend the graduation.

The students had their own gift for Walisser, an engraved stove with her name on it. They presented their gift to her near the end of the event.

Above, Ecole Heritage’s soon-to-be graduating class of 2018. In front, left-right, are Dominic Labrecque and Edith Sanchez. In back, left-right, are Celina Bouchard, Josh Fischer, Shelly Levesque and Charly-Olivier Thibault.
Above, the students presented this gift to Principal Nicole Walisser.
Edith Sanchez makes her way into the hall at the Centre Chevaliers, with Charly-Olivier Thibault following her.
Charly-Olivier Thibault and his escort, Nadia Sylvain.
Above, cross bearer Chelsea Fischer leads Deacon Reg Bouchard & Father Jean Nkuanga into the church service, held at the Ste. Anne Paroisse in the afternoon of June 2.
Pictured above, left-right, are Nadia Sylvain (piano), Chantal Roy, Charles Marinier and Joël Lavoie.


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