Sinclair declares intention to seek UCP nomination

Scott Sinclair

Joe McWilliams
For South Peace News

The United Conservative Party leadership race isn’t the only hot story in provincial politics!
Another one that popped up with a bang last week is the arrival on the scene of a contender for the UCP nomination for Lesser Slave Lake MLA.
Scott Sinclair surprised a lot of people with his announcement on Facebook on June 13 he wants Pat Rehn’s job – even members of his family!
“What a pleasant surprise!” said one his relatives, in response to Sinclair’s video stating his intentions.
“I think it’s great!” says Slave Lake Councillor Shawn Gramlich, who also happens to be Sinclair’s brother-in-law.
“He’s the perfect person for it.”
Gramlich says Sinclair is a good listener, “an excellent speaker,” knows the region and would represent the people of the region to government, rather than the other way around.
Sinclair has lived in the Edmonton area for the past decade or so, after having grown up in Slave Lake. He’s the son of Gordon and Val Sinclair, and in his youth was known mainly as a very good hockey player, as well as a coach. In recent years he has been in the auto glass business, part of which brings him through the area regularly.
Sinclair says he’s always had an interest in politics generally, and community involvement in particular. He’s also very interested in role small businesses play in making communities prosperous and livable.
Asked why he chose the UCP as the party to run for, he said, “I believe in a strong economy.”
It’s what pays for the much-needed social programs, he added.
Married to Shantelle, Sinclair is the father of two daughters, aged nine and five. He says he never imagined getting involved in politics while his kids were still young.
And he figured if anyone would step up to run for the UCP locally it would have been somebody with municipal council experience. But speaking with some of those folks, the question arose: “Why not me?”
Sinclair says his auto glass business is at a stage where he is able to leave daily operations up to other people. He says he’s aware of the level of engagement the job requires and is prepared to do that if elected.
Look for a ‘campaign launch event’ to be announced sometime fairly soon. Sinclair plans to do regular social media updates, and also looks forward to meeting and chatting with people in the riding.
For the time being, the nomination process for a UCP candidate for Lesser Slave Lake hasn’t officially even begun. Lesser Slave UCP Constituency Association President Gordon Ferguson says to expect an announcement this summer. Candidates then have 14 days to submit their applications, with the 50 required signatures of supporters to get on the ballot.
Ferguson says as far as he knows, Sinclair is the only one so far to declare for the position, but “I’ve heard rumours,” he says, of others who may be interested.
Rehn has yet to declare if he plans to seek the nomination.

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