Simple meals are best when arthritis flares up

Alberta Health Services

When your arthritis flares up, it can be tough to eat properly because your medications may upset your stomach.

“When you’re not feeling well, you still need to eat. Don’t skip meals,” says Jennifer Sundberg, a registered dietitian with Alberta Health Services.

Poorly nourished arthritis sufferers, especially seniors, become frailer and at greater risk of falling.

Sundberg recommends simple, quick and easy-to-prepare meals when you’re feeling unwell, such as oatmeal with nuts, fruit and milk.

Try an egg with wholegrain toast, milk and juice, or a salmon sandwich on a wholegrain bun with shredded carrot and lettuce, a glass of milk and a piece of fruit.

Even a peanut butter sandwich with a banana and a side of yogurt fits the bill.

Resources for self-management

– Find information on different types of arthritis and medications, as well as healthy living tips by searching “arthritis” at

  • The Arthritis Society has lots of resources for self-management.
  • GLA:D Canada (Good Life with Osteoarthritis) offers education and exercise for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis.
  • Rheuminfo is another leading rheumatology resource for patients and physicians. It is run by a Canadian rheumatologist and a physiotherapist.

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