The Situation Room – Shame on you, Luke Bryan – kangaroos are not Christmas presents!

Mac Olsen

There are certain animals that should never be considered family pets, but rather as exotic animals no one should have.

And it’s outrageous when someone promotes cutesy images of exotic animals on social media.

Last week, I was outraged when I saw a story on ‘Flipboard’, about Luke Bryan giving two baby kangaroos to his wife, Caroline Boyer, for Christmas.

Bryan wrote a cutesy statement on Instagram about the two kangaroos. Their nicknames are 2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan, but their real names are Margo and Todd.

“2 Live Roo and Too Tang Clan are living their best life,” he writes in one statement.

“Seriously … real names are Margo and Todd. They are adjusting perfectly are beyond sweet and precious.”

Oh, and there is a cutesy photo of the two baby kangaroos wearing diapers and laying in front of a fireplace.

There is also a statement that the kangaroos are additions to Brett’s Barn, which is an initiative of the Brett Boyer Foundation, and Bryan and his wife are working with local charities to bring children there to bond with animals.

Well … isn’t all this absolutely sweet!!

Excuse me, Luke Bryan!! Kangaroos are not domestic animals! They are exotic wildlife and should be treated as such.

You have a lot of nerve purchasing two exotic animals and giving them to your wife for Christmas! Shame on both of you for making light of their placement with you, too! That photo of them wearing diapers and laying beside a fireplace is morally reprehensible.

You can try and justify placement of your pets with Brett’s Barn. But it’s unconscionable for you and your wife to even consider owning two Australian marcupials, to justify what you’re doing with them.

If you really want children to bond with animals at Brett’s Farm, then provide that organization with bunnies, ponies, horses and dogs. Those animals are DOMESTIC and they can just as easily provide morale building and hope to children.

Moreover, if you really care about animals – including exotic animals like baby kangaroos – make a donation to a charitable cause like the World Wildlife Federation. They advocate for, and protect animals and their habitats, which is far more worthy than possessing and owning exotic animals.

I’ve also come across something on Facebook that speaks true for the plight of animals living in shelters.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on an animal at a pet store, when there are animals in animal shelters that you can adopt for far less money. These animals need loving homes just as much as the more expensive animals do.

Finally, Bryan …

Donate your time and money to an animal shelter. Once a month, courtesy of an anonymous donor, I take a load of cat and dog food supplies to In the Woods Animal Rescue near Marie Reine.

If Bryan and his wife were to do things like these, I would have far greater respect for them.

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