Wildrose Shadow Health Minister Tany Yao seeks input from Albertans on health care

Wildrose Party
News release
Wildrose Shadow Health Minister Tany Yao released a consultative website today aimed at listening to Albertans’ concerns regarding the province’s broken healthcare system. A report from the Fraser Institute late last year showed that Alberta’s wait times for key procedures continue to balloon. Despite the NDP government’s promises Alberta now has the second worst wait times among all non-maritime provinces, with median wait times now over five months across all procedures.

“Wildrose launched this website in order to hear from those who are frustrated with a broken healthcare system,” Yao said. “Albertans have been paying more and more for healthcare, but are not getting better results.”

Wildrose believes in strengthening Alberta’s universal public health care system through developing an aggressive wait times reduction strategy, focusing funding on patient care, reducing wasteful spending, decentralizing decision making and improving choice for patients.

“In a time of added economic stress Albertans are struggling to get access to care. Through this website we will gain a better, patient-focused understanding of what reforms are needed,” Yao said.

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