Seniors welcome announcement that OAS age will stay at 65

National Pensioners Federation
News release

Seniors and retirees represented by the National Pensioners Federation will welcome today’s announcement (March 17) by Prime Minister Trudeau that the eligibility age for Old Age Security will stay at age 65 and not be increased as enacted by the previous government.

Today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during a town hall with Bloomberg TV in New York that Tuesday’s budget will restore the eligibility for Old Age Security to 65 from 67.

The National Pensioners Federation opposed the increase in the eligibility age, due to take effect in 2023, because so many seniors depend on OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement and could not have waited the extra two years to receive these benefits.

“Our members will welcome this reversal of a bad decision. Our members and older Canadians across the country were outraged when this change was first proposed in 2012. Despite promises, nothing was ever put in place to cover those people who could not hang on for two extra years after a lifetime of struggle. This is a good move and we look forward to seeing this in writing in the federal budget.” – Herb John, President National Pensioners Federation.

About the NPF

National Pensioners Federation is a national, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization of 350 seniors’ chapters, clubs, groups, organizations and individual supporters across Canada with a collective membership of one million seniors and retirees devoted entirely to the welfare and best interests of ageing Canadians. Our mission is to stimulate public interest in the welfare of aging Canadians. Our goal is to help seniors and retirees have a life of dignity, independence and financial security. We accomplish this through our members and the general public on issues such as pensions, housing, health care, democracy and social programs.

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