Seniors Fun Day held in Girouxville

Above, the crib winners. L-R, 1. Annie Blackhurst & Olga Johnson, 2. Elizabeth Cuira & Paulette Laflamme, 3. Jacque Laflamme; not shown, Richard Ouellette.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Club Etoile in Girouxville was a very busy place on March 15, as snooker pool, cribbage and carpet bowling activities were held for Seniors Fun Day there.

“We had a really good turnout,” says organizer Cecile Brulotte. “We’re very pleased.”

Ninety-five people attended, including five people for snooker pool, 52 people for cribbage and 32 people for carpet bowling. The winners in snooker pool were:

1. Ubald Turcotte.

2. Charles Mackell.

3. Gerry Gervais.

In carpet bowling, the winning teams were:

1. Denis Dentinger, Killer Girard, Giselle Dallaire and Raymond Dallaire.

2. Pauline Doyle, Lucille Lapointe, Hilas Gerard Dion and Ron Doyle.

3. Angele Blanchette, Carol Parker, Henri Poirier and Girard Blanchette.

As for the cribbage tournament, the winners were:

1. Annie Blackhurst and Olga Johnston.

2. Elizabeth Cuira and Paulette Laflamme.

3. Jacques Laflamme and Richard Ouellette.

There was also a draw for prizes.


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