Senator’s Contribution Award recipients are announced

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Douglas Black, a Senator for Alberta, has announced the recipients of the Senator’s Contribution Award, for the volunteer contributions to their communities.
Four recipients have been named in the Smoky River region: Monica Bisley and Philippa O’Mahony in McLennan; and Rene Rouleau and Pauline Therriault in Donnelly.
Senator Black announced the winners on July 1 on his website, Senator Black reached out to mayors and reeves in March to seek out nominees and in some instances at the request of the municipality. The certificates were directed to the mayor/reeve for presentation at a local event.
The certificates were mailed to recipients in late June along with a letter, which were expected to be received around July 1.
The Senator’s Contribution Award is given to two nominated individuals in each of Alberta’s cities, towns and villages.
“It is important to recognize those who make quiet contributions to our communities and I wanted to use my position as an elected-Senator to work with each of Alberta’s communities to find exceptional individuals,” says Senator Doug Black on his website.
“We all acknowledge the important work of civil engineers, planners and builders when we consider the physical aspects of our municipalities, but we sometimes forget that its volunteers, working in a wide variety of roles that turn a mass of people and infrastructure into a community.”
No other details about the awards were available at press time.

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