Science fair projects receive passing grade

Abby Bilyk, Grade 8, placed fifth in the Peace Regional Science Fair with her project “Cats and Bacteria” and qualified for the Canada-Wide Science Fair held May 16-20.

Richard Froese
South Peace News

Three students from Prairie River Junior High School in High Prairie are competing in the Canada-Wide Science Fair from May 16-20 in Fredericton, N.B., held virtually.
Grade 8 students Olianna Stone and Abby Bilyk finished in the top five at the Peace Regional Science Fair held March 14-18.
A third student cannot be named under Freedom of Information and Privacy.
“All three girls have been working hard on their projects for months,” says Science teacher Kim Elliott.
“We wish them the best of luck at the nationals and congratulate them on their incredible accomplishments.”
The girls will participate in various activities such as interviews, judging, keynote speakers and challenge events although none will make the trip to the Maritimes.
The unnamed student won first in the regional science fair with her project “Food Dystonia”.
Judges were amazed by her project.
“The organization of the information and attention to detail was exceptional,” the judges noted.
“Her writing skills are well beyond that of most of her peers.”
She created the project because she has a personal connection to dystonia, a neurological movement disorder.
“I wanted to a have a better understanding what a person with dystonia experiences on a daily basis,” she says.
She is excited and proud of herself for the achievement and hopes it opens doors into her future.
“This experience will look good on a college application,” she says.
Stone finished fourth for her project “Let’s Glow”.
Judges gave her top marks.
“It is awesome to see that she is motivated to develop a project to reduce our waste,” the judges said.
Stone extended a project she started last year and built on it.
“I am interested in bioluminescence,”Stone says.
She also took action to create a reusable plastic.
“I wanted to find a way to eliminate the single-use glow sticks,” Stone says.
Like her calssmates, she also looks forward to participating in the national science fair.
Bilyk placed fifth with her project “Cats and Bacteria”.
“She had a very good presentation, well laid out and easy to follow,” the judges said.
Bilyk has a love for animal and cats and wanted to fine out more about felines.
“We have a bunch of cats with different environments so I decided to study the lives of cats,” Bilyk says.
She is super-excited about the opportunity to participate in the prestigious science fair.
“I now realize how much hard work it takes to qualify for the national science fair,” Bilyk says.

Olianna Stone, Grade 8, finished fourth in the Peace Regional Science Fair for her project “Let’s Glow” and qualified for the Canada-Wide Science Fair held May 16-20.

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