Saying goodbye to 2017 – October

Students at Ecole Routhier held their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ live theatre production in the evening of Oct. 6, as shown above, as well as in the afternoon of Oct. 7. Members of the Missoula Children’s Theatre International Tour worked with them that week to prepare for their performances.

October 4, 2017 –

An increase in number of booths at second annual McLennan Trade and Recreation Fair a sign event is gaining momentum

The second annual McLennan and District Chamber of Commerce, “Trade and Recreation Fair” took place at the H.W. Fish Arena in McLennan on Saturday September 23.

The Trade and Recreation Fair is free to visitors and presented an extensive variety of merchandise and services, with the number of booths up this year with approximately 55 vendors and exhibitors.

The fair is a remarkable testament to the diverse economy of the region as virtually all booths represent businesses, service providers and community organizations from the Peace River Region including Valleyview, High Prairie, the Smoky River area and the Town of Peace River.

The organizers, wishing to bring some emphasis on sports and recreation had that side of the spectrum well represented.

Kennedy Turcotte brings home bronze medal from senior high provincial golf tournament

The Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association’s provincial golf tournament proved fruitful for Kennedy Turcotte, as she brought home a gold medal last week.

The tournament was held in Stony Plain on Sept. 25, and in Spruce Grove on Sept. 26. Turcotte scored an 83 on both days, missing second place by just four strokes. However, she is pleased with the result.

“I played good both days,” says the Georges P. Vanier student. “I’ve been to a lot of fun courses.”

Turcotte has played in this tournament for three years, and this will be her last. She encourages other students to get into the sport.

“We need more golfers all the time,” she adds.

Her coach, Dave Pedden, is proud of her achievement, especially given the competition she had at the senior high tournament.

“To shoot in the low 80s both days is good,” says Pedden. “Those golf courses are a challenge. I’ve played them both, they’re a good test.”

Zoe Tardif, a senior high student at Ecole Heritage, also played in that tournament.

Tardif shot a 101 in her first round and 110 in the second round. She finished 22nd overall out of 49 golfers.

October 11, 2017 –

Doris Doyle awarded Senate of Canada commemorative medal for her unwavering commitment to local community

Long-time, local volunteer and fundraising events organizer, Doris Doyle will be a recipient of a Senate of Canada 150th Commemorative Medal.

One hundred and fifty people throughout Canada will receive the medals that mark the 150th anniversary of the first sitting of the Senate, which took place November 6, 1867.

A letter sent to Doyle from Albertan Senator Betty E. Unger states that the medals are awarded to those “who have been deeply involved in their communities and whose generosity, dedication, volunteerism and hard work have made their communities and region a better place to live.”

Through her volunteering, dedication and hard work organizing large fundraising events, Doyle has certainly made her community a better place to live. However, she had no idea she was a candidate for the Senate 150 Medal until she received a phone call informing her she was a nominee.

Having asked the precise spelling of her full name for its inscription on the medal if she were chosen, the caller said Doyle would hear back in two weeks if she were successful.

“I never hear back from them and I felt a little sad, I thought it would be nice,” she said. “Then on Tuesday September 26, I got the letter saying that I did get it. It’s something you don’t expect because when you do things like volunteering you get really involved, it’s fun and you don’t think of nothing of the sort, so I was really surprised. But of course, to be recognized is wonderful, I still can’t believe it.”

October 18, 2017 –

Routhier students entertain with ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theatrical production

Parents, grandparents and the general public were treated to a live theatre production at Ecole Routhier recently.

Missoula Children’s Theatre worked with students in all grades to put together the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ production.

The first performance was held in the evening of Oct. 6, and the second in the afternoon of Oct. 7.

“We are extremely proud of the 58 students cast for roles in the Misssoula performance of ‘Alice in Wonderland'”, says Principal Diane Benoit.

“The students’ hard work, dedication and talents were showcased during the two performances and enjoyed by all who attended.”

October 25, 2017 –

Decision 2017 – Official election results for the Town of Falher and M.D. of Smoky River

October 16 was municipal election day in Alberta, and votes were held in the Town of Falher and two divisions for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130.

Here are the official election results for the Town of Falher, with eight people running for seven seats.

Town of Falher
. Gary Braithwaite, 105 votes, elected incumbent.
. Lindsay Brown, 120 votes elected incumbent.
. Donna Buchinski, 147 votes, elected incumbent.
. Bradley Drouin, 192 votes, elected.
. Robert Lauze, 220 votes, elected.
. Rene Limoges, 177 votes, elected incumbent.
. Sandy Primeau, 97 votes, incumbent.
. Geoff Turnquist, 179 votes, elected.

M.D. of Smoky River No. 130

Here are the official results for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, for Divisions 1 and 4:

Division 1
. Donald Gosselin, 108 votes, elected incumbent.
. Denis Guindon, 62 votes.

Division 4
. Marc Bremont, 30 votes, incumbent.
. Luc Levesque, 59 votes, elected.


Georges P. Vanier in Donnelly held their own simulated election on Oct. 12, as part of an all-candidates forum.

Several of the candidates for the Falher and M.D. councils made presentations, and some students read prepared statements of the candidates who couldn’t attend the forum.

Students who live in Guy, Jean Cote and the M.D. were allowed to vote for the M.D. candidates.

Students who live in Girouxville, Falher, Donnelly and McLennan were allowed to vote for the Falher candidates.

Here are the results of that election:

Town of Falher
. Geoff Turnquist, 102 votes.
. Bradley Drouin, 96 votes.
. Gary Braithwaite, 93 votes.
. Sandy Primeau, 93 votes.
. Rene Limoges, 93 votes.
. Robert Lauze, 90 votes.
. Donna Buchinski, 89 votes.
. Lindsay Brown, 86 votes.

M.D. of Smoky River No. 130

Division 1
. Donald Gosselin, 50 votes.
. Denis Guindon, 30 votes.

Division 4
. Marc Bremont, 29 votes.
. Luc Levesque, 49 votes.

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