Saying goodbye to 2017 – February

February 1, 2017 –

Bowling tournament raises $1,947.50 for Haying in the Thirties

Smoky Lanes Bowling in Girouxville was a busy place on Jan. 20 and 21, as 10 teams participated in the ‘Bowling for a Cure’ cancer fundraiser.

“It was a great weekend and everybody had fun,” says Lynn Florence, manager.

The cost was $60 per person on a team of four, which included two games minimum and dinner the second night.

The teams were divided into ‘A’ and ‘B’ Divisions. The winners in each division are as follows:

‘A’ Division

1. Miracle Bowlers – Gary Braithwaite, Fern Laderoute, Lil Trudeau and Lil Trudeau.

2. Pin Quins – Johanne Girard, Chantal L’abbe, Monique Maure and Nicole Maure.

3. Killin’ Cancer – Denis Dentinger, Killer Girard, Henri Poirier and Henriette Turcotte.

‘B’ Division

1. Kelly & Da Boys – Curtis Hansen, Kelly Roy, Marcel Roy and Ryan Roy.

2. Hakuna Ma Tata – Brian Girard, Chrystal Young, Dani Young and Rob Young.

3. Mixers – Diane Blanchette, Ray Blanchette, Butch Gagnon and Rene Maure. Also, ‘The Cell Mates’ received a prize for best costumes. The team consisted of Jeralyn Long, Helene Hausler, Simonne Stern and Suzanne Skubleny.

February 8, 2017 –

East Peace Gas Co-op makes transition to new building in Falher

East Peace Gas Co-op, in business since 1979, moved into its new building on Main Street in Falher, Monday January 23. East Peace was at its previous location in Donnelly for almost 40 years.

“I started with them 37 years ago in what was the arena in Donnelly. That’s what it was, an arena and we had to go right from scratch, taking the boards out, pouring concrete,” says East Peace manager Dale Dupuis “It was baby steps all the time and now today, 37 years later, we are in some pretty fancy digs.”

The construction of the new building projected to cost between 1.5 to 1.75 million-dollars, came in within budget at approximately 1.6 million and only a few week over schedule.

Li’l Deb’s Tea House & Holistic Health Now open in Donnelly

Debbie Pigeon’s grand opening will be on Monday, Febuary 13.

So for all you last minute Valentine’s Day shoppers who need a gift, come check out the home decor, herbs, essential oils and vitamins.

Maybe you just need a hot drink and a place to rest Deb’s Tea House has coffee, teas and hot chocolate and why not have a muffin or a cookie.

There are also hand made products from our local people.

And in the future, Pigeon says she’s in the phase of opening up Holistic programs, as well as live blood analysis, infrared sauna, amethyst biomat and iridology t-zone vibration machine. They are beneficial to your health and well being.

Ol’ Tyme Family Nite shows no signs of slowing down as it celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Approximately 170 people from the region attended Ol’ Tyme Family Nite’s tenth anniversary celebration at the McLennan’s Elks Hall on January 27.

Along with the always-reliable Ol’ Tyme Family Nite Band the featured entertainer was award winning Canadian country music artist Duane Steele.

Following cocktails and an excellent supper, FCSS Community Development Coordinator Jean Moore-Lemoine, the inspiration and principal organizer behind the event from the beginning, offered a brief presentation acknowledging the integral contribution that volunteers have made to the event’s continuing success.

“Ten years ago we had a dream, we wanted to do something where people of all ages, all cultures and all abilities could get together and have fun,” says Moore-Lemoine. “We wanted people to feel like they were part of an extended family and thanks to some absolutely incredible volunteers we have been able to do that.”

Among those recognized for their contribution were of course members of the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite Band: Dwaine Isert and Gerry and Marie Dubois who have been onboard from the start. William Shaw from Gift Lake also made the journey over to McLennan for most of the ten years but was unable to attend the anniversary night’s event.

The lineup for the Ol’ Tyme Family Nite Band at the anniversary party was Dwaine Isert, Gerry and Marie Dubois, Phil Dube, Raymond Ray and fiddle player and singer Cheryl Isert.

February 15, 2017 –

Father Eucharius, recently appointed priest to McLennan, celebrates Mass with Ecole Providence students

Father Eucharius Chuyimagha, appointed parish priest in McLennan in December 2016, who took up residence at the Chancery House in January, celebrated his first Mass with Ecole Providence sudents on March 9.

During Mass, Fr. Eucharius spoke to the students on friendship and used the analogy of strength in numbers to illustrate the power one receives from being a part of one’s faith community.

Showing a natural capacity to communicate with young people he demonstrated his point by showing how easy it is for him to draw one student forward, while having a few kids hold onto each other it became much more difficult because collectively they possess greater power.

The students participated in all aspects of the Mass: alter serving, singing, giving the readings and the bringing of the gifts. Those old enough received communion and the younger kids received a blessing.

Providence Principal, Krista Veitch sees these religious experiences and the children’s participation in the sacraments as the foundation on which a Catholic education is established.

“Many of the values we espouse are not of exclusive to Catholic schools but Catholic education is more than a 30 minute religion class each day,” says Veitch.

“It is reflected in everything we do, it is an integral part of the entire function of the school, it is a view of the world that is all of one piece, morally, ethically and spiritually.”

Father Eucharius Chuyimagha, originally from Cameroon arrived in Canada from Nigeria where he spent the past 12 years.

February 22, 2017 –

Smoky River Historical Society holds annual fundraiser

Seventy people attended the Societe Historique De Smokey River annual fundraiser at the Centre Chevaliers on Sunday February 12.

This is the first year the event was held at the Centre Chevaliers with the hall sponsored by Francois and Monique Côté.

The event featured live music, food, a silent auction; donations were accepted at the door and Fundscrip gift cards, which can be purchased at any time.

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