Can you help? Ryan Hachey wants to meet his hero, Drew Remenda

Ryan Hachey

Submitted by
Tanner Pigeon
Most Canadian kids grew up playing hockey in the shop or in the street for countless hours before getting yelled at for dinner or worse even, bed time.

As kids, we all had our hockey heroes.

For some it was Gretzky, others it was Bobby Orr or Iginla.

For young Ryan Hachey however, it was the assistant coach of the 1991-1995 San Jose Sharks, Drew Remenda.

Remenda recently brought up to our neighbouring city of Edmonton, to be a play-by-play commentator for the Oilers.

You can imagine Ryan’s excitement!

For Ryan’s birthday in December, a few of his friends tried to get a hold of Remenda through his agent.

Upset by the lack of reply, Ryan and his friends slowly began to give up on his dream, until now!

Hopefully, we can raise enough awareness and community spirit to make Ryan’s dream come true!

For more information or to help Ryan Hachey in his quest, please send an email to Tanner Pigeon at

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