Rumour is false: Doctor has not tested positive for COVID-19

Chris Clegg

Smoky River Express

A doctor practicing out of the Falher Medical Clinic has not tested positive for the COVID-19 virus as rumours suggest.

Dr. Grevisse U. Owanga, M.D., sets the record straight in a March 30 letter to the Smoky River Express.

Concern over the unfounded rumour surfaced Monday morning [March 30] when the clinic started receiving phone calls asking why Dr. Owanga was still working.

“I would like to reassure the community that we are in the front line against this pandemic and at no moment will we put the life of our patients at risk,” he writes.

“I did not test positive, neither any of the members of my family. No one is symptomatic in my home and all my children have been staying home since then.

“Let’s not point fingers and spread rumours about other people’s lives,” he adds.

Dr. Owanga asks the community to show support and unity during this difficult time. He also asks everyone to show support for community members who have tested positive or who are going through a difficult time.

He wants to also reassure the community in regard to his own health.

“If it happens that I become sick or not able to work for any reason you will be informed and arrangements will be made with other physicians in the community.”

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