Routhier School – Topic: Think about someone, real or imagined, who is important to you or your community. Why is this person important? What makes this person special?

Cameron Delaurier
6 English

I picked town workers as someone who I look up to. The reason why I picked town workers is because they help keep our town clean and welcoming to other and much more.
They give us clean drinking water, and electricity. They plow and salt all the roads in winter and clean them in summer. They also plow and salt the sidewalks too. Towns people help prevent floods and have keys to many public services. So if you are ever locked out, towns people can help. And town people always make sure the water is clean and safe.
That is all the reasons why I picked towns people. I think they are very helpful and people should give them more credit.

Aaron Archbold
6 English

The garbage man comes every Friday and takes our garbage off to the dump or landfill so that the town doesn’t get polluted.
The reason I picked this person is because he helps the town and because he is nice and sometimes he waves to me. One time he let me see inside the truck and how it works. He is always friendly and nice and cool.
That’s why I picked the garbage man. Maybe one day I will be a garbage man, one of the good things is that I would get to see all the different houses, but the bad thing is that it might stink badly!

Kristin Prellwitz
6 English

My horseback riding teacher Nancy Carter (Roussell) is really important to me. I met her three years ago when I went to the summer Parade of Programs to see if I wanted to do something during summer holidays. I love horses, but I never really thought someone would be teaching lessons in this small town.
When I saw she was teaching I automatically got my mom to sign me up, and I went for an hour every Wednesday after school.
She taught me how to mount/dismount a horse, how to put the saddle pad and saddle on, how to turn a horse and make it go backward, how to groom a horse and make it trot and much, much more.
Nancy is very patient, kind, hardworking, happy, encouraging and she is the best riding instructor I could ever ask for.
Her four horses, Reba, Posh, Fancy and Whiskey are all kind and gentle. Reba, a white Arabian and Quarter Horse mare with small brown spots is the horse she teaches me to ride. She might be getting another horse to ride though, and I will be excited to meet him/her.
Nancy has two kids. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a great teacher who always knows what to say.
Nancy is important to me because we share a similar bond with horses and she is so kind and caring, almost like a mom to me.
I chose to write about her because when I was told to write about someone I thought of other teachers, students and relatives, but then I remembered her and how awesome she is and how she owns horses and teaches lessons so I decided to write about her because she is important to me.
I am excited to start horseback riding up again in June!

André Gagnon
4 French

My sister (Alexis).
This person that is important to me is not a friend, not a worker, not a company, but it’s my sister. My sister is important to me because she gives me good hugs, she cheers me up when I am sad, and we both look out for each other. My sister is cheerful, talkative, tall, caring, and loving. Yeah, we’ve had our duels, but in the end, it’s all ok. And that is how Alexis is important to me.


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