Ecole Routhier sends off Grade 6 students with best wishes, certificates of achievement

Pictured above is Linday Brown’s Grade 6 English class with their certificates of achievement.

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

The Grade 6 English and French students at Ecole Routhier are officially on their way to junior high school.

To mark the occasion, the teachers and other students gave them a big sendoff during the school’s final assembly of the 2017/18 school year, which was held in the main gym during the afternoon of June 27.

Jordyn Bedard and Damon Labrecque were the masters of ceremony.

Joel Pelletier’s Grade 6 French students opened the assembly with their own musical performance, going on stage to sing to a collage of songs such as ‘Ring of Fire’ and ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. The other classes joined in with clapping and singing along.

Next, Lindsay Brown offered her thoughts about the Grade 6 English students she has taught over the last 10 months. Using alliteration in her story entitled ‘The ABCs of 6E’, Brown described what each student meant to her, and she received rousing applause.

Then Pelletier returned to the stage and offered his thoughts about his students in a poem entitled ‘Oh, the People You Will Meet’, a parody of Dr. Seuss’ ‘Oh, the Places You Will Go’.

Following the speeches, each teacher presented their students with their certificates of achievement.

Next, in accompaniment by Elise Turcotte on her guitar, the Grade 5 students in the English and French classes sang ‘Time of Your Life’.

The speeches continued, with Vice-Principal Melissa Portelance and Principal Diane Benoit offering their thoughts about the Grade 6 students, which included wishing them well.

Near the end, the students were treated to a multimedia presentation that highlighted many of the activities and events of the last school year.

For the finale, the lights were dimmed, and the teachers went on stage to perform their own dance to a collage of songs. They dressed in dark clothing and wore neon colours to reflect their musical tempo and dancing.

Pictured above is Joel Pelletier’s Grade 6 French class with their certificates of achievement.


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