Routhier School News – December 6, 2017

Enough is enough!!!

Brooke Tokarz
6F News

Behind the scene of bullying.

Don’t you hate when that one kid gets off the bus and you know he will just trip you. Here’s what I think about bullying. Bullying is disrespectful and mean. It makes people feel bad,it also hurts them. It makes kids want to hide in there room or somewhere they feel safe.

Did you know 90% of fourth through eighth graders report being a bully’s victim? Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Verbal abuse on the other hand remains constant. 3.2 million are victims of bullying each year. One in four teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and only intervene 4% of the time. 71% of kids report incidents of bullying problems at their school. One in ten kids and teens drop out of school because of bullying.

When I asked a student from grade 6 what she thought about bullying, she said, “It makes kids feel bad and like they don’t belong.” Miss. P, the vice principal at school, had even more to say. “Bullying damages people, makes people feel worse and don‘t think they belong. “She also said, “The kids that are getting bullied should feel safe at school.”

Can we change what is happening? What do you think about bullying?

Are the friendly helpers a big help to the teachers?

Anyka Desaulniers
6F News

Did you notice the people that are going to classes to help others and the teachers? Well that’s us and were the friendly helpers. Friendly helpers are everywhere at school and they’re a really big help to people in need. They’re also a really big help for teachers too because when the friendly helpers go to the kindergarten to grade 2 English and French classes, we encourage the littles ones to help others too. However, that’s not all, we also expand their vocabulary and also show them that they need to be responsible for their actions.

Did you know that when kids help others it teaches them the responsibility to take care of others? Did you also know that helping others is a good deed, and if you help someone in need, they feel the need to help others? It also makes you feel good about yourself. By helping others, it creates a caring, helpful and loving relationship with the person you are helping.

I interviewed Mme. Jenny, a teacher of the French kindergarten class and this is what she had to say. “Having another person in the classroom that speaks more French expands their vocabulary and it builds relationships with other ones.”

I also asked Mr. .Joel why it was important to start friendly helpers. “Well I think it’s important because the older kids get to understand the responsibility of taking care of the younger ones.”

The next time you are at school and you see a person helping someone in need, remember that friendly helpers are all around Routhier.

Grade 6 suffers from not being able to go skiing

Hayes Marchildon
6F News

Don’t you all love to be in the open-air carving down the hills, being with your friends and being in the fluffy white snow? Well not this year because our school has chosen that grade 6 does not get to go skiing.

As a grade 6 student, I believe that my class suffers from not being able to go skiing. I certainly think we should go.

I also agree to go skiing,” said Dominic, a fellow 6th grader. Here are a few reasons why. It is a really active sport and it is really good for your health. It also strengthens bones, improves your health, and it gets kids outside. In addition, it is a safe sport if you follow the paths as well as the rules.

Grade 6 cannot go skiing this year

Jonny Dolhan
6F News

Do you know how fun it is to ski at Smoky River ski hill? No? Let me tell you! You can do a lot of fun stuff like jumping, go fast as well as tube! However, the grade 6 cannot go skiing this year. I think we should go skiing and here are the reasons why.

For me the best part of skiing is having a nice day off from schoolwork, exercising and getting lots of fresh air. I always have lots of fun with my friend and enjoy building more relationships with others. Of course, skiing down the slopes is also a great deal of fun.

Even though we are not in the classroom, I think we are still learning about things like health, learning how to ski, and building leadership skills by helping others who are not as able on the slopes.

I would like to know why the school decided that the grade 6’s can’t go skiing this year?

Nobody has given us a reason yet! It would be nice for the class to talk to the principle about this soon.

Masking the truth

Cory Brulotte
6F News

Routhier school students cannot wear masks for Halloween. What’s the reason that we all can’t wear masks if only some people are scared?

Do you like to wear masks at school for Halloween? Well, Routhier students cannot. As a student at Routhier, it is safe to say it affects us the most out of everyone because most of the time our mask basically shows what our costume is and our parents need to use money to buy the mask.

So what is the reason for this?

Halloween masks were first worn in 1585 by the Celts to be protected by the ghosts of the past on October 31st. Halloween masks were first brought to North America by the Europeans in the mid 1800’s. We have been wearing masks for over 200 years! So why do we need to stop now?

When I interviewed a fellow student here at Routhier he said that “you should be able to wear masks wherever and whenever you want. We can be safe if we use them smartly and not to goof off.” However, when I asked him if we could make it more safe he said “There is no way to make it safer than it already is. Wearing masks is just like riding a bike; you get more responsible with it overtime.”

Another student said otherwise “You should only be able to wear masks if there is no gore on them whatsoever.” And she stated that they should teach kids to not be scared of masks that aren’t scary.

Although some people might not agree. My opinion is that we should be able to wear masks in the halls on Halloween.

Is your school allowed to throw snowballs?

Cole Fournier
6F News

The students at Routhier School are not allowed to throw snowballs. Isn’t winter the best. You’re out in the snow with your friends building forts and tobogganing.

But best of all, you get to have an EPIC snowball fight. Unfortunately, Routhier students are not allowed to throw snowballs. Throwing snowballs is fun and makes time fly by. As a fellow student here at Routhier, I think we should be able to throw snowballs.

Making snowballs is a common activity for children when it snows. When asked why we should throw snowballs at school Kayla Bessette, a 6th grader at Routhier said “because it’s fun and the snow is useless if we can’t do ANYTHING with it,” Brooke Tokarz said. “It’s a fun activity and it’s a great activity to do with friends.” Brooklyn Blanchette also said “you can do lots of stuff with them and it’s fun, we can do snowball fights.”

With winter here at Routhier School, we should be able to throw snowballs.

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