Ecole Routhier, GPV host community engagement meeting

Mac Olsen
Express Staff


The main gym at Georges P. Vanier was the scene of a community engagement meeting during the evening of May 3.

Teachers were joined by High Prairie School Division No. 48 Superintendent Laura Poloz, as well as parents, the RCMP, mayors and others, with approximately 40 people attending. Pam Heckbert, the principal of GPV, explains the meeting’s purpose.

“It was to get feedback from the community regarding educational issues, locally and provincially,” says Heckbert. “Opinions were well received and it was very valuable to hear the perspectives of our community. It was good to see a diverse group of people participating.”

The questions asked, and the responses are below.

1. What opportunities would better promote French language and culture in our schools?

Stakeholders responded with a variety of options for promoting the French Language and culture. They would like to see more trips, increased resources in French, and better integration among French and English-speaking students.

More classes offered in French at primary and secondary levels have been highly suggested by stakeholders to offer and promote French Language and culture in schools for all age groups. Stakeholders have asked for increased French immersion and fostering relationships among all cultures in the communities.

2. What opportunities, options and courses in or out of school, would be better prepare our students for the future?

To better prepare our students for the future, stakeholders have requested students have access to courses, and modification of CALM classes to be more inclusive and practical for future employment.

They would also like more community involvement, drivers’ education programs, and having extra-curricular activities in schools more accessible at all ages.

3. How is full-time Kindergarten at Ecole Routhier School beneficial?

Would dual track playschool be beneficial?

Stakeholders and parents suggested that Ecole Routhier School have full-time and part-time kindergarten, both in English and French.

As well, they would like to see the integration of a dual track for both kindergarten and playschool to continue to foster positive social interactions from a younger age.

The feedback will be the guide for the schools’ three-year plans.


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