Review of Organizational Meeting held on Tuesday October 11, 2016

Village of Donnelly
Council Notebook
Myrna Lanctot elected by acclamation as Mayor, and Katrina Jolie elected by acclamation as Deputy Mayor.

Regular meetings will be held on the third Monday of every month.

The committees were appointed as follows:

. Disaster Service Committee: Deputy Mayor Jolie and Councillor Rundle.
. Donnelly Recreation Society: Councillor Labrecque.
. Guy/Donnelly Sportex Society: Councillor Yaremko.
. Heart River Housing: Mayor Lanctot.
. Smoky River Agricultural Society: Councillor Rundle.
. Smoky River Airport Commission: Deputy Mayor Jolie.
. Smoky River Community Education Committee: Deputy Mayor Jolie.
. Smoky River Regional Council Committee: Mayor Lanctot, Councillor Yaremko and CAO.
. Smoky River Regional Economic Development: Deputy Mayor Jolie.
. Smoky River Regional Water & Waste Commissions: Councillor Labrecque and Yaremko.
. Concerto: as alternate Mayor Lanctot.
. Policy Committee: Council as a whole.
. Subdivision Appeal Board: Council as a whole.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m. Regular meeting called to order at 7:49 p.m.

Delegate Diane Chiasson presented information on the Réseau des ville francophone et francophiles d’Amérique membership (Francophile/Francophone Cities Newtwork).

Council agreed to apply to become a member of this organization. Concerto open house which will be held on November 24, 2016 at 5 p.m. at the Club des Pionners was discussed, along with the list of invitees. Diane will be hosting an Economic Development of Electoral Officer Course and councilors present have chosen the dates that they are available to attend. Smoky River Economic Development will also be hosting a Dinner with guest speaker for Small Business Week. Council has chosen to attend.

The guest speaker will be Mr. Prasad Panda, MLA for Calgary-Foothills and Wildrose Shadow Minister of Economic Development and Trade. Lastly Diane spoke on the Cares Grants available and what SRRED is looking to apply for.

Second delegate was Mr. Maher Malak, council heard his request vis-a-vis his fine.

Council moved to impose the fine as per bylaw #10-01 section 5.4.2 in the amount of $50.

The Council/Staff Christmas Party will be held at the 2016 Annual Christmas Affair in Falher on Dec. 3, 2016.

Council approved the installation of a deadbolt and re-adjust the panic hardware on the back door at the Village Office.

Tax Arrears Auction update was received as information.

CN and Communities requirements of new regulations was received by Council as information.

Council received the change of date for curbside recycling as information. The new date is to be every second Friday effective November 1. A new calendar is to be mailed to residents the first week of November with the October utility bills.

Canada Post Review: Council moved to have a poster placed in the entrance advising residents to have their say by filling out a survey between
September 26 and October 21 at Council wishes to encourage residents to keep our post office open.

Council moved to apply for the CARES grant to do a feasibility study on broadband in the Village.

Council received the public works report as information.

Consolidation Bylaw #16-06 was given all three readings and past.

Council tabled the land issue to the special meeting scheduled for November 1, 2016 due the hour.

Dog complaint was received as information.

Special meeting scheduled for Monday October 26, 2016 and next regular meeting set for Monday November 21, 2016.

Meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.

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