Review new legislation in place to help Albertans

Hon. Margaret McCuaig-Boyd – Dunvegan Central-Peace Notley

With the Alberta Legislature out of session and summer in full swing, I thought it would be a good time to review some of the new legislation that is in place, and is currently working to help Albertans. My office has received a lot of feedback in regards to the Climate Leadership Plan and the Carbon Levy, with that in mind, this is a great opportunity to clarify on how these dollars are being put to work. One portion of this reinvestment will be used for energy efficiency, which includes Energy Efficiency Alberta, a new provincial agency that will support programs and services for homes and businesses. Energy Efficiency Alberta has several programs that promote the use of cutting-edge technology to reduce emissions without any changes to your quality of life. The first residential program is the “Home Improvement Rebates” program. This program allows you to Work with a participating Alberta contractor to increase your at-home energy efficiency with improved insulation, upgraded windows and tankless water heaters—all at a great discount. The more energy your home-improvement project saves, the more money you’ll get back in rebates—that’s the promise of Energy Efficiency Alberta’s Home Improvement Rebate program’s performance-based rebates. Albertans can save up to $3500 on insulation, up to $1500 on new windows and up to $1000 on tankless water heaters.
With the “Online Rebates” program you can purchase any eligible, energy-efficient refrigerator, clothes washer or smart thermostat, then use our application form to input your information and upload your receipt. We’ll review the details and, in six to eight weeks, send you a rebate cheque.
These rebates are helping to make energy-efficient appliances more affordable for Albertans. And, once you’ve purchased an energy-efficient refrigerator, clothes washer, or smart thermostat, you’ll immediately begin to save money on your energy bills too. The only small catch is there is a limit of two products, per category, per address.
Additionally we recently launched the “Residential and Commercial Solar Program”. The Residential and Commercial Solar Program offers rebates to homeowners, businesses and non-profits that install solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. Bolstered by other initiatives like the Alberta Municipal Solar Program and the On-Farm Solar PV Program, solar uptake has doubled in the province since 2015. Albertans are keen on solar, and this program keeps the momentum going!
As the Residential and Commercial Solar Program is quite in depth, you will be able to find full details at
These 3 programs mentioned are only a fraction of what Energy Efficiency Alberta is doing for the province. For more information please visit Beyond Energy Efficiency Alberta the carbon levy will also fund a multitude of other initiatives to help Alberta be recognized as a leader in climate change action and energy efficiency. For more information on anything that you’ve read here, any of the website, or help applying for any of the programs mentioned, I encourage you to visit my office in Fairview or Falher, or reach out via telephone.
Fairview Office: 780-835-7211; Falher 780-837-3846 (or toll free 1-866-835-4988).
As mentioned, my office has received lots of feedback with regards to the Climate Leadership Plan, and I want to reiterate how grateful I am that my constituents reach out to have their voice heard, and I encourage every one of you to continue to voice your concerns. As well our office publishes a monthly e-newsletter, to sign up, reach out to my office. Finally, I wanted to briefly thank all of our local firefighters. With wildfires damaging our neighbours to the West and South of the border it is front of mind just how valuable Fire Department members are to our communities. In the past year we have had several new Fire Halls open in the constituency, many of which operate on a volunteer basis, and although there has been some type of MLA representation at the Grand Opening events, I wanted to use this opportunity to thank all those who volunteer in the Fire Service for all they do.

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