Letter – In response to Mac Olsen’s regional commentary, ‘Beware of left-wing soapboxes’ Jan. 17

To the editor:

I read Mac Olsen’s commentary regarding the CBC and other things. I may have left an erroneous impression when I mentioned a woman at the CBC giving Andrew Scheer a few bite marks. There are equal opportunity offenders in many ways.

Rosie Barton, one of the new anchors on the National, had a go at Trudeau the Younger as well. While he was apologizing for the Khan incident she was there. She wasn’t on camera, but you can hear her voice asking questions. Among them, “How could you think that was right?”

She wasn’t soft balling that one.

By the way, if Trudeau went snorting back to his office and slashed their subsidies because of that, would you be so happy then?

The CBC does receive subsidies, but if you stopped making use of everything in Canada that received a subsidy you would find your shelves pretty bare. A lot of people get mad at the CBC because they are a ‘left wing liberal elite news organization’.

I recall the Rebel News doing just that. I got fed up with the Rebel News, not because of their extreme conservatism, but because I chased down the roots of some of their stories and they weren’t true as far as anything I could find was concerned.

On other issues their double standard was egregious. You have to understand that I don’t care about Mrs. Trump’s former modeling career and the whispered speculations that she was a high class…lady of the evening. If it were by some long shot true, it would make the best story ever.

The Rebel News made no mention of it, and at the same time tried to float a story that Trudeau the Younger’s mother had an affair with Trump back in the day. Whatever Margaret Trudeau did and with who belongs under the bridge as well. She has become a tireless advocate for people with mental health issues and raised some pretty great kids.

If Ezra Levant had wanted to make Trudeau uncomfortable he could have picked something that happened closer to home and has greater proof, or something he might have done.

I am constantly annoyed by the willingness of some to cover up the wrongdoing of people who share their political views but try and make something out of nothing on their opponents. It does not serve the country well and as a joke it does not amuse.

If you are an honest hard-working conservative, how much in common do you really have with someone who is constantly fiddling with their expenses?

When people get too far out on an ideological limb they may not see the problem they may end up creating. Capitalism is all well and good, but by definition it has to make money. Greyhound was allowed to drop unprofitable routes years ago, and Northern Express moved in to pick up some of them. There are still places that don’t have any bus service at all. If you want to go to Grande Prairie from High Prairie you can, but if you want to come from GP to HP on Greyhound you have to go to Edmonton from GP then get a bus to HP. If you want to come here from GP on Northern Express you have to go to PR and spend the night in a hotel. When another province was faced with this dilemma they instead decided to subsidize the unprofitable routes.

We all sit most comfortably in our own political bubble. But, we also have to look around and be informed on the issues by ideas and facts we may not ordinarily encounter while keeping company with people that we agree with about everything.

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie


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