Repairs set to begin at regional landfill

Mac Olsen
Express Staff

Pigeons have been an issue at the Smoky River Regional Landfill, so repair work will be done to keep them out of the building.

Turcotte Construction will do the repair work in the near future.

Normand Boulet, the ag fieldman for the M.D. of Smoky River No. 130, discussed this during his report at the council meeting on Sept. 12.

Boulet also noted that pesticide container collection has been completed at the Guy, Jean Cote and Whitemud facilities.

In other news, the summer mowing program has been delayed due to snow last week. However, all the ditches in Whitemud are compete.

Also, Fusarium and clubroot inspections continue, but there no confirmed cases so far.

Finally, Boulet and several councillors will be attending the regional Agricultural Services Board meeting in Hines Creek on Oct. 30.


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