Organizational Meeting and regular council meeting for the Village of Donnelly Council – October 15, 2018

CAO Rita Maure
Village of Donnelly

Myrna Lanctot elected as Mayor and Brian Labrecque as Deputy Mayor

Regular meetings to change to every 2nd Monday of the month. However, November’s meeting will be November 19th, 2018.

Committee appointments are as follows:

Assessment Review Board appointments: Donald Dumont, Roaul Johnson, Dave Gervais, Guy Beaudoin, Eckhard Christien, and Myrna Lanctot.
Emergency Management Committee – Councillor Olsen and Councillor Stenhouse
Heart River Housing – Mayor Lanctot
Smoky River Airport Commission – Deputy Mayor Labrecque
Smoky River Community Education Committee – Councillor Olsen
Smoky River Regional Council Committee – Mayor Lanctot and Councillor Stenhouse along with CAO
Smoky River Regional Economic Development – Councillor Yaremko
Smoky River Family Community Support Services – Deputy Mayor Labrecque
Alberta Bilingual Municipal Association – Representative Guy Beaudoin and Mayor Lanctot as alternate
Smoky River Regional Physician Recruitment and Retention – Deputy Mayor Labrecque
Smoky River Regional Water Commission and Smoky River Regional Waste Commission –Councillor Yaremko and Councillor Olsen
Broadband Steering Committee – CAO Rita Maure
Donnelly Recreation Society – Councillor Stenhouse and CAO
Guy Donnelly Sportex Society – Councillor Yaremko

Regular meeting called to order at 7:47 pm

ACP Grant for Broadband – Council will send a letter to the Town of McLennan supporting their Alberta Community Partnership grant application for broadband.

Physician House Surplus – Council approved that the surplus from the sale of the physician house remain in the care of the Town of McLennan.

Smoky River Recruitment Coordinator 2019 Budget – Council approved the 2019 Budget for the Smoky River Recruitment Coordinator as presented. Mayor Lanctot abstained and left the room during this discussion due to pecuniary interest.

CEC – Letter request probationary extension – Council will send a letter to support the Smoky River Campus’ request for an extension on their probationary status.

Consultant for Land Use Bylaw – Council will contract the services of Vicinia Planning & Engagement Inc. to do a full review of the Land Use Bylaw in conjunction with the work on the Municipal Development Plan and the intermunicipal Development Plan and Intermunicipal Framework.

Asset Management Plan – condition and risk rating – Council received as information the condition and risk rating for asset management proposed by Peter Ho., Consultant from Beairsto & Associates Engineering Ltd. This is a part of the Municipal Asset Management Plan process.

Establishment of a Provincial Combative Sports Commission – Alberta Urban Municipality Association (AUMA) requested feedback from council if we currently had a Combative Sports Commission, and if not, if Council was in favour of establishing a Provincial Combative Sports Commission. Donnelly does not have a Combative Sports Commission and supports the idea of a Provincial Combative Sports Commission, as long as it does not create small groups, such as the Taekwondo group at GP Vanier, a lot of red tape.

Municipal Cannabis Transition Program – Council will send a letter to MLA Marg McCuaig Boyd expressing our disapproval on the Municipal Cannabis Transition Program. According to AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association), “The federal government has been clear that 75 per cent of the Cannabis Excise Tax will go to provinces to share with municipalities according to shared responsibilities. But as today’s MCTP outlines, over 215 Alberta municipalities will not receive any funds collected from the excise tax. Only 52 municipalities will be eligible for funding – funding that is inadequate and conditional on a grant application process that includes a reporting process full of red tape.”

Smoking & Vaping Tobacco & Cannabis Bylaw – Council has tabled the discussion of the bylaw to the November meeting. Council would like to thank the public that came out to the Open house to discuss this topic. Their feedback was appreciated.

Dog Complaint – Council received as information the dog complaint.


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