Reeve shares 2015 view

by Reeve Robert Brochu, M.D. of Smoky River No. 130

On behalf of Council and staff, I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous year.
Looking back at 2015 it was quite a year with new provincial and federal governments. We look forward to seeing how all the promises to municipalities pan out.
2015 saw big changes to the municipality with the retiring of Administrator Lucien Turcotte after 42 years and the welcoming of Rita Therriault to the position. Also we welcome a new Fire Chief and former resident Marcel Maure back to the region.
The municipality was able to complete a number of road upgrades including “201 south of Cargill,” the Whitemud reservoir and many others.
We look forward to a great year in 2016. In co-operation with other levels of government, we hope to complete a number of new projects and continue to make our M.D. the place to be.
Good luck in the New Year.



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