Letter – Reader takes issue with Mac Olsen’s editorial praising Donald Trump, in the July 5 edition

To the editor:

I read Mac Olsen’s commentary in the July 5 edition of South Peace News and I can see he still drifts off to dreamland with Trump on his mind.

Personally, the man is a pig. The time he spends thinking of women and blood is disturbing. When he claimed that Martha Raddatz had blood coming out of her eyes while she was hosting a debate makes you wonder if his reality isn’t a little outside what we would call normal. His attack on Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe claiming that she was bleeding badly from a plastic surgery on her chin is again unwell.

The issues, please, just the issues. Politicians blow smoke at us all the time. The fact that this smoke was in Trump’s mind and had to be blown says more than we realize at first. He is battleship crazy.

Trump is on tape as having said and done some very crude things. There is no denying that. So do you want your daughter having to encounter a man that thinks and acts the way he does?

Forget Trump is president. What if he was the principal of your local high school? Would he be so wonderful then?

Imagine your daughter having to navigate a world where he and Bill O’Reilly get to pull off this stuff. Meanwhile, women who do not go along with them have all they have worked for trampled in the dust.

I am surprised that you even want to find other markets for our goods? Give them to Trump. Will that not help you with that warm glow?

You have rose-coloured glasses for someone whose behaviour is atrocious, but on climate change? I don’t care if you wear them or not; but take a weekend and head to the Rockies this summer. Go to the Columbia Icefields. Even those special glasses will not obscure the steady retreat to the glacier up that mountain. They have a sign marking the retreat every year.

And remember the ice isn’t just melting around the edges, it is coming off the entire glacier at that rate. In Greenland they have measured it at 27 feet a year.

The ice is retreating all over the world. Take a drive between Banff and Jasper. Stop at the lookouts and check the old photos of the glaciers way back when. Then look across the valley see that last bit of ice hanging onto the top of the mountain. Be aware that the glacier filled that valley when that photo was taken.

As for this left- and right-wing tripe you keep conjuring up, are they are not the ones now cheerfully plotting the toppling of a democratically elected government in Iran? Trump didn’t even win his election. He lost the popular vote by three million. He was appointed president by the
Electoral College. In fact, the last Republican president, Bush, got his job the same way. Trump’s domestic policies cover everything from repealing legislation to protect drinking water, to defunding the election watchdog, to putting an anti-birth control activist in charge of Planned Parenthood.

In closing, I do think you care what other people think, or you wouldn’t be putting yourself out there so much trying to get people to agree with you. At times you sound like an American politician running for office.

The climate isn’t changing and Trump will save the world. As South Peace News editorial writer Jeff Burger has been known to say, “Good luck with that one!”

Eva Sartorius,
High Prairie

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