Letter – Reader takes issue with Eva Sartorius’ letter to editor that was published October 25 in the Smoky River Express

To the Editor:

What in tarnation, Eva! While I always enjoy reading your letters, and objecting to them until I’m red in the face, your latest left me feeling like I’d been run over by a truck… and a driver who refused to settle on a direction of attack.

Allow me to briefly summarize with commentary.

First, you tell us there is no real Left and Right divide in politics… but warn that if you go too far to the left or right, you get Hitler or Stalin. OK… you may have lost me, but let’s keep going.

Next, it seems you feel Mr. Olsen did not sufficiently disavow Hitler in his article on Communism…


It is of course the duty of all Conservatives to denounce the evils of National Socialism, at all times, and in all places… especially if they dare to point out the body count of International Socialism in the presence of a Leftist.

Maybe we can just agree that Socialism kills? No?But what’s this? Hitler, you say, was “Conservative”?

Judging by your letter, you know this because he killed a bunch of people, and was racist.

But a racist Socialist does not a Conservative make, Eva. Conservatives stand for things like tradition, property, faith, and family, and display a cautious attitude toward rapid social change and government over-reach.

They are skeptical of, say, throwing these things out the window in favour of a totalitarian state, and supreme ruler… you get the point. Hitler actually seems like he had a lot more in common with Stalin, ideologically, than, for instance, Russell Kirk… but enough stating the obvious.

To wrap up the rest of your letter, you say Trump is a racist, in part, because his father was detained by police {for refusal to disperse} at a Memorial Day parade, in 1927, at which the KKK was present and causing a public disturbance {you left some of that context out, but I understand.

Space is limited… unlike Trump’s hatred for people of colour, right?}. Next, Trump loves all despotic countries where he can make money, and if he threatens North Korea, it must be because Kim Jung-Un’s Communist slave state lacks real-estate investment opportunities.

As for actual evidence of serious Russian involvement in the US election result… still waiting, Eva.

The often anonymous assertions of the so called “intelligence” community, who are directly responsible for the American foreign policy carnage you decry in the balance of your letter, seem to suddenly hold a lot of weight with the anti-war crowd.

And that, if any, is the real tragedy of the Trump presidency… the swamp has not been drained, and the Neo-Con lunatics that still hold power continue to pile up the bodies, and bleed the American people, while the Left points and shrieks about no-no words.

Jeff Hastie
Smith, AB

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