Letter – Reader encourages all people to use opinion pieces for education

To the Editor:

Although the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms includes “freedom of expression” it’s important to know when communication crosses over into hate propaganda, which in this case, Doug Ford’s expressions border on that.

I’m not familiar with the policies that govern the Smoky River Express’s right to withhold or print such opinions; however, these pieces both mock and affront the dignity of women and men who support gender equality.

I’m not certain if these opinion pieces were the author’s attempt at seeking validation or affirmation for his beliefs, or an avenue to discredit feminism and gender equality—whatever the motive is behind these rants, it has left some members of this community, shocked.

Shocked, that in 2017, one would be granted a public platform to express their opinions using derogatory terminology bridled in the exploitation and oppression of a specific demographic.

Since these opinions have already been given publication, I would encourage all persons in this region to use the opinions expressed in these pieces as a means of educating our children, youth and young adults on the negative impacts gender segregation imposes on a society.

After all, aren’t we ‘people’ first?
Shelley Lauze

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