The McLennan RCMP offers some important back to school safety tips for drivers, parents and students


News release

Students have returned to classrooms throughout the are over the past few weeks.

The McLennan RCMP Detachment would like to remind students, parents and drivers of a few safety tips, which will make the return to school a safe one for everyone.


Drivers should remember to slow down in school zones and be particularly alert for students during school hours.
School buses will once again be on the roads, making frequent stops to pick up and drop off students.
Alternating flashing amber lights indicate that a school bus is slowing down. When a bus activates its alternating flashing red lights, it is signaling that it is going to stop. Drivers must stop, too.
It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus, as long as its red lights remain activated.


If waiting for a school bus, stand in an area which is safe, well-lit and away from the road. Don’t walk between school buses or parked cars, as drivers may not see you.
Remember, if you cannot see the driver of a vehicle, chances are that the driver cannot see you.


Show your child a safe route by which to walk to and from school.
Make sure they know how to use, safely, a crosswalk and obey all traffic control devices and cross guards.

By remembering these few simple traffic safety tips, students, parents and drivers can help one another enjoy a safe school year.

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