RCMP confirm vehicle insurance can be shown electronically

Susan Thomson
South Peace News

Peace Regional RCMP say you can show your insurance documents to an officer electronically.

The issue of producing proof of insurance was raised at the Northern Sunrise Rural Crime Watch meeting. Most people store their insurance documents in their vehicle, which increases the possibility they will be stolen.

Sgt. Dave Browne confirms a financial responsibility card can be shown to officers in either electronic or paper form, but an electronic form must contain all of the information provided on the paper form of the card.

“Your insurance company isn’t required to provide you with an electronic copy, however, most will,” Browne says. “The financial responsibility card should be saved to your device after being sent from your insurance company, ie. a PDF file rather than simply a photo of the document.”

Browne says it’s important to make sure that you have the phone or electronic device with you while driving in case you are stopped by a peace officer. You need to know how to locate and access the insurance document on that device, and make sure that device has enough power to be used.

“If you choose to provide electronic proof of insurance to the police or other lawful authority, you may be required to provide your device to the police officer, who may take temporary custody of it for the purposes of verifying your insurance coverage [in the same manner that they would treat a paper card],” Sgt. Browne says.

Electronic proof of insurance also may not be accepted outside of Alberta if you’re travelling.

The Northern Sunrise Rural Crime Watch held their AGM Aug. 12. Northern Sunrise County Deputy Reeve Corinna Williams was elected as chair.

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